Patent, Trademark, Copyright, & Related Litigation


A patent is a property right granted by a government. In the United States, a patent permits an inventor “to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States” for a limited time.

In the United States, a patent application has priority to its earliest effective filing date. The effective filing date is a critical date because the United States patent system a “first-inventor-to-file” system. If you have a question on the first to file system, please give one of our attorneys a call.

Our goal for every patent is to:

  • Fully understand the technology you are seeking to protect.
  • Identify any existing technology claims that may hinder your ability to patent your invention.
  • Determine and advise you of the likelihood of a successful application for patent.
  • Draft your patent application in a manner that provides the broadest possible protection for your innovation while remaining a viable and defensible patent.
  • Perform these functions for you in a cost-effective manner.

In short, we will use our extensive knowledge of applicable patent law and our combined experience to guide you through the legal process of obtaining and defending a patent. This allows you to focus on the strategic and operational components of your business necessary to generate the competitive advantage each successful patent should create.

The difference between Sand & Sebolt and other Intellectual Property attorneys is our consultative approach to managing your patent portfolio. Our service to you does not begin or end with a patent application. We view ourselves as an extension of your company and pride ourselves on our ability to help you understand the value of your Intellectual Property and apply your innovative technology in the global marketplace to maximize the return on your investment.