If how you do things gives you a competitive edge…that’s intellectual property and it should be protected.

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The intellectual property legal services we provide at Sand & Sebolt fall generally into seven different practice areas:


PatentsWe provide comprehensive patent services that help protect your intellectual property. We provide strategic guidance,  patent counseling/prosecution, patent enforcement and counsel on ways to avoid possible infringement issues. We will also represent you in domestic and international courts and craft patent strategies that align with your business goals.

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TrademarksSand & Sebolt will help you register and maintain your trademarks both domestically and internationally. This includes providing all aspects of protection and enforcement, managing trademark disputes, negotiating trademark licenses and helping you evaluate your trademark portfolio strategies.

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CopyrightsCopyright services include enforcing rights through negotiation, arbitration, litigation, licensing agreements, general copyright counsel and opinions regarding copyright potential of software, architectural works, works of art, books, recipes and printed documents. 

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Litigation- IP-related litigation services range from relatively simple infringement to complex cases that disrupt the entire way you do business. Generally we work hard to avoid litigation because it is costly and time-consuming.  But when litigation is necessary we will be there for you.

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Trade Secrets In even the most hyper-competitive markets, we’ll help you protect the processes, technologies, and proprietary knowledge that gives you a competitive edge using confidentiality, non-disclosure and other agreements.  Unlike patents, these documents last as long as you are able to keep the information secret, whereas patents expire 20 years from their filing date. 

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Foreign Filings Competing in a global marketplace requires a sophisticated approach to determining which of your intellectual property assets need to be protected and where. We prepare and prosecute international filings for both our clients and for other IP law firms around the world. We have forged relationships with Intellectual Property experts around the globe and use this network to protect your Intellectual Property in virtually any foreign country.

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Licensing -Intellectual property assets are increasingly important within business enterprises across industries. The strategic use of licensing can expand your brand and facilitate entry into different geographic markets. We’ll help you structure, develop, and negotiate licenses for your intellectual property assets, including patent, trademarks, and copyrights.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“Miller Weldmaster considers Sand & Sebolt a mission critical partner in leading our industry with innovation and global protection”

Jeff Sponseller
Miller Weldmaster
Global manufacturer of Fabric Welding Solutions

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