Patent, Trademark, Copyright, & Related Litigation


Litigation is far and away the most expensive aspect of Intellectual Property strategy and implementation. That is why our goal as your Intellectual Property counsel is to help you avoid litigation whenever possible. However, we  understand that there are times when litigation is unavoidable.

Our team helps you avoid litigation by proactively advising you on technologies, patent applications, trademark filings, and other issues that may result in future litigation. Further, we seek to avoid litigation when practicable by working in concert with you to determine the level and sophistication of protection necessary for each item in your Intellectual Property portfolio. This approach aligns your business strategies with practical budgets and appropriate protection given your specific tolerance for risk.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we work to create unique solutions to Intellectual Property disputes using licensing, manufacturing agreements, partnerships, and other strategic business solutions that typically result in competitive advantage for your business.

When a dispute over your Intellectual Property cannot be resolved in any other manner, we stand ready to guide and serve you throughout the entire litigation process. Sand & Sebolt can represent you anywhere in the United States and can ably assist you in foreign litigation as well. We will aggressively and proactively attack your litigation with the goal of bringing resolution to your issue expediently and as cost-effectively as possible.