Patent, Trademark, Copyright, & Related Litigation

Foreign Filings

A rapidly expanding area of vital importance in Intellectual Property strategy is the consideration of protection in foreign markets. Competing in a global marketplace requires a sophisticated approach to determining which of your Intellectual Property assets need to be protected and in which specific markets they need to be protected.

At Sand & Sebolt, we regularly prepare and prosecute international filings for our clients and associates from around the world. We have dedicated and highly-trained staff to facilitate the rapid and accurate administration of foreign filings.

Our approach to international filings reflects our overall philosophy of understanding each client’s specific goals and needs while implementing a team approach to providing the best possible protection regardless of the country or  countries in which we are working. We have spent a great deal of time forging relationships with Intellectual Property experts around the world and utilize this vast network of qualified and reliable associates to properly protect your Intellectual Property assets in a myriad of foreign countries.

Similarly, law firms from around the world rely on us to perform valuable and timely international filing services for them and their clients. We work diligently to foster a relationship with our international partners that is based on loyalty, trust, dedication, and an understanding of cultural expectations. This relationship means that when their client is in need of United States protection, they have the confidence and trust to call upon us. We offer expertise in patent drafting and prosecution, trademark prosecution, copyright prosecution, dispute resolution, and litigation services.

We are proud to represent an international clientele and pledge our continued unflinching support of our partners worldwide.