Patent, Trademark, Copyright, & Related Litigation


Copyright is an exclusive right to make and distribute copies of a work, to perform or display that work publicly and to make new works based on the originally created work.

While there is no requirement for a work to be registered with the federal government, there are benefits to obtaining a federal copyright registration. Such registration not only informs the public that you own the copyright in a work, but  is also useful to establish and validate your rights in the event of infringement of the work. The existence of such registration allows you to take immediate action if an infringer refuses to stop unauthorized use of your work. Additionally,  registration of the copyright with the United States Customs Service assists in preventing importation of infringing copies of the work from outside the United States.

Copyright Protection in a Global Marketplace

Copyright is especially important when competing in a global marketplace. Modern technologies make copying and distributing protected works relatively easy and profitable. This ugly truth necessitates a clear understanding of your rights in original works and a defined strategy in determining for which works to seek protection and in which jurisdictions to seek that protection.

Sand & Sebolt brings a wealth of experience to bear on your questions of how and what to copyright. We will assist you in determining an appropriate plan of action to protect the value of your original creations.